About Us

Our Company was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company under the name of CTOS Holdings Sdn Bhd on 17 July 2014. Then, on 6 October 2020 the name was changed to CTOS Digital Sdn Bhd and subsequently on 26 March 2021, our company was converted into a public company as CTOS Digital Berhad.

The principal activity of CTOS Digital Berhad is that of investment holding while our subsidiaries are principally involved in the business of credit reporting, digital software related services, software development, outsourcing and training services, investment holding, business information reporting and data analytics services such as pre-employment checks, and our associates are principally involved in the business of credit reporting, information services, development of local and global financial information system, online and offline business information service provider, consulting services, debt collection and database management.

Our solutions and services are widely used by the country’s banking and financial institutions, insurance and telecommunication companies, large corporations, SMEs, legal firms, statutory bodies as well as consumers for self-check.