Board of Directors

Dato’ Noorazman Bin Abd Aziz
Independent Non-Executive Chairman

Loh Kok Leong
Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Erick Hamburger Barraza
Non-Independent Executive Director and Group Chief Executive Officer

Su Puay Leng
Independent Non-Executive Director

Lynette Yeow Su-Yin
Independent Non-Executive Director


Nirmala A/P Doraisamy
Independent Non-Executive Director

Wong Pau Min

Wong Pau Min
Alternate Director to Loh Kok Leong

Senior Management Team

Erick Hamburger Barraza
Group Chief Executive Officer

Chiam Hsing Chee
Group Chief Financial Officer

Ivaylo Venkov Kolev (Ivo)
Group Chief Data and Product Officer

James Fancourt Mitchell
Group Chief Technology Officer

Chin Kuan Weng (Eric)
Chief Executive Officer of CTOS Data Systems

Lee Shin Mei
Chief Operating Officer of CTOS Data Systems

Fong Kok Weng (Danny)
Chief Business Officer of CTOS Data Systems

Lim Sue Ling
General Manager, Group Risk and Business Compliance