Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Addendum


In our pursuit to make Malaysia a centre of excellence for credit reporting in ASEAN, our growth has been premised upon delivering sustainable and value-driven solutions, not only to our customers, but also to the communities and environment we operate in.

We recognise that empowering sustainable credit wellbeing in Malaysia requires a resolute commitment to economic efficiency, environmental performance and social responsibility, accompanied by a strong governance structure in place. Since the past recent years, CTOS has focused on embedding sustainability priorities within its strategic initiatives. Various initiatives that reflect CTOS' commitment to all of sustainability themes are further elaborated within this Sustainability Statement, all of which are built on values that promote sustainability.


Sustainability Statement 2022 Sustainability Statement 2021


As part of CTOS’ sustainability journey and belief of continuous improvement, we are publishing this addendum to supplement our existing Sustainability Statement published in our Annual Report 2021 as per listing requirements of Bursa Malaysia and Bursa Malaysia’s FTSE4Good Index.

Similar to our Sustainability Statement, the reporting period for this addendum is from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021 (Financial Year 2021) unless otherwise stated. We have also included forward-looking statements to address areas of sustainability where CTOS has not made mature progress yet but have intentions of developing further in the future.


Sustainability Addendum July 2023 Sustainability Addendum 2021